by: Leslie D. Register

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” ~President Harry Truman

Truman’s message was intended for one who couldn’t cope with a stressful situation to step aside to let others handle it. Over the years, this popular quote developed a sarcasm or tone that leads to someone feeling “less than” or inadequate if they quit a stressful or demanding situation.

Question? If you were in an actual kitchen fire, would you stay? 

There are times in life when staying in the kitchen and enduring the heat will not win you an award. In fact, it can make you sick. 

 So, when do you know it’s time to leave the kitchen and find a cooler space?

 Tip #1 is quite simple. Listen to your intuition! Yes, your gut and heart never lie. They often send signals that tell you something needs to change. When you lean in, listen, and act you will be led to the right outcome. This intuition leads to the all-important Tip #2: Get Curious! Ask yourself, is this situation really benefiting me? Be willing to ask yourself tough questions and be honest with your answers. These are your choices to make.

 So why do so many of us stay in the paralyzing heat? Fear! Fear of the unknown! Fear of being seen as a quitter! Fear of what others will think of us! Ask yourself, what would you do if you were not afraid?Whose life are you responsible for?

 In 2013, if I had let the fear of what others would think of me if they knew my struggles keep me from seeking wellness, I might not be here today. Life doesn’t have to get that painful for us to make change, but sometimes it’s the thick heat that must exist to bring us to our knees to crawl to safer ground. 

 There are times in life, both big and small where we feel the “heat in the kitchen” and know change is required yet not sure how. These are steps that worked for me:

  • Willingness to deal with the uncomfortableness of change.
  • Got curious about trying new things. 
  • Sought guidance from my faith. 
  • Researched solutions
  • Journaled my thoughts and feelings. 
  • Took action.
  • Found my tribe of like-minded people seeking similar solutions.

 Change and New Beginnings is not for the weak of heart. There is nothing shameful or wimpy about stepping out of a stressful situation and trying something new. You owe it to yourself to be willing to try.

Let today be the moment when you take a small leap of faith to try that new thing. Maybe it’s a new workout plan, parenting strategy, time management practice, new job or home project…heck maybe it’s a new hair style or different route to work. Whatever it is for you that needs adjusting, go for it!