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Double Shot of Sober is a story of hope and healing from addiction recovery. It is a woman’s journey of a lifetime of transferring from one addiction to the next in hopes of finding that thing that would give her peace, serenity, purpose, and sense of belonging. It was not until she stopped all the harmful ways of people pleasing, eating disorders, overspending, over working. and abusively drinking alcohol that she found what she was seeking. Change was required for her to live life honest and free.

As she journeyed through the messy, hard, and unknown by practicing daily prayer, read books on recovery and wellness, claimed a seat in a 12-step program, collaborated with a therapist, laughed, and cried with family and friends and daily accepted life on life’s terms, she found wellness. No matter what happened – divorce, death, and even success, she showed up with a clear mind, body and spirit and allowed the God of her understanding to direct her life. She desired desperately to live life honest and free, and the day finally came she felt like life was like wearing a loose shirt! This is a promise that one can experience as they uncover, discover, and take action on a journey of recovery.

Leslie Register grew up in Palm Harbor, Florida, worked in commercial residential real estate for over twenty-five years and is passionate about writing and helping people. Leslie is a curiously creative, intrinsically motivated, and spiritually guided author whose work is fueled by her faith and experiences as a successful career woman, single mom, and recovering addict. Her daily prayer, “God, decrease me and increase you so I may do your will,” is a reminder to cherish every moment with family and to inspire service to her community. Leslie is currently based in South Carolina, works in real estate operations and shares her recovery story and change strategies both through large audiences and in one-on-one mentor sessions.  Double Shot of Sober is her first book, and she has articles published in the Alcoholic Anonymous publication, Grape Vine.