by: Leslie D. Register

Sounds simple! Yet it is one of the hardest things to do. The head gives us all the rational. The pros and cons list. We try to reason with it and make rational and sound decisions. We can want something so strong in our head space yet fail to achieve the goal. Why? 

In my experience the head is always what got me into trouble and rarely saved me. While it holds a lot of good ideas it also fuels bad ones, and  when I listen to it alone it often fails me. The real transformation and goal achieving wins happen when my heart and mind are in rhythm. 

The heart holds the feeling and healing. It is the place where willingness and desire rule over thought. The heart allows me to overcome the impulsive bad idea, selfish plan and pity party mind rant that wants me to fall off course. 

So how do we align head and heart?

  • Be willing to choose the goal over anything else
  • Seek your faith. Pray for guidance and direction. Then LISTEN to your heart / gut which will lead you to right action 
  • Connect with others. Isolation is a goal killer. Find your tribe. 
  • Get into action. Take a step toward the goal. If you stumble get back up and keep going. When you want something bad enough you will achieve it. 

The mind can be a terrible place if you let it run the show. However Mind and Heart aligned can lead you to wonderful pathways.