by: Leslie D. Register

What if the God of your understanding said this to you? Would you feel differently about the season of life you’re in today? 

There are times when we wonder, did I make the right choice? Did I follow the right path? When we make a decision we are making the best choice we can based on the evidence we have before us. Sometimes that decision is met with obstacles and moments of uncertainty. That doesn’t mean it isn’t the right path. Perhaps we need this hard path to help strengthen us… teach us… CHANGE us. 

At times when I feel uncomfortable as I am navigating a season of change, I begin to doubt my choices. Negative thoughts flood my mind and I doubt my decision.  If not careful, I can become paralyzed and pause my growth. I become fixated on the negative feelings and forget the goodness that I have received. This is the time that I need to pause, pray, and reflect on gratitude.  

God never promised us an easy path. And let’s face it new beginning do not always come easy.  Change is uncomfortable and our mind and body wants us to stay in the familiar.  There  is also an internal critic that wants to pull us into the negative feelings hoping we might give into to old habits, addiction or poor choices that ultimately will hurt ourselves and others. 

We are led to new beginnings when we are ready and willing. As we walk the new path, and we choose our Faith to guide us, we will go where we are called to go. Stop wondering if the path you’re on is the right one and just walk it!