by: Leslie D. Register

Welcome Champion! If you are here, you are seeking to make progress to surpass something in your current situation. Perhaps, you are curious about relationships, addiction recovery, career change, spiritual transformation, personal or professional growth. My hope is that you will find in this Blog the insights needed as you navigate your journey to release yesterday and embrace today. Here you will find resources, stories and information that will support your journey. 

When we put energy and effort toward positive influences, wellness wins! Imagine your surroundings in both your personal and professional life feeling easy, relaxed, and manageable. Even on the days that are messy and stressful due to over scheduled commitments and demands, it is possible to feel at ease by choosing the right coping methods. 

The creation of this Blog was inspired from my experience with both addiction and recovery. I spent years transferring from one vise to another to sooth my discomfort and enhance my wins. While the substance, activity, or thing itself was not a problem, it was the way in which I abused them that led to the harm. Through my journey of recovery, I learned healthy coping skills that transformed the way I work, play, and live. Healthy actions like prayer, meditation, journaling, asking for help, and helping others are go to choices I make today that help me live honest and free. 

As you spend time navigating this page you will read stories of experience, strength and hope that are meant to inspire wellness, growth, and change. Change is something that we can’t avoid. Just like the seasons change so do our lives. Change does not have to be fearful; it can be joyous and inspiring. Lean into that which is seeking you and you will be amazed at the results. Where you are today is not your final destination!