by: Leslie D. Register

What do we know about Change and New Beginnings?

They are both planned and unexpected. They sometimes bring us joy or heartache. They can be painful, frustrating, even fearful. They can be joyous, fun, and strengthening. 

We could list many more results that happen from change, yet one thing that is constant is that change is happening now, it happened then, and it will happen again. 

So how do we plan or prepare? First, it is important to accept that there is no perfect plan for change; however, there are actions we can take to help navigate the journey. Even when the change is something we are striving for, to sustain the path and not fall back to the familiar, we will need to embrace a few core beliefs.

Why is this necessary? Because when we are led on a path to change it is often because:

  • What we were doing is not serving us any longer.
  • We have outgrown our current situation and desire new.
  • We have experienced a pain from the current plan that is too painful to continue.
  • We have been forced into a situation that requires us to accept the present moment and find a solution.

These circumstances that have led us to a place of seeking new beginnings requires first an attitude of willingness and gratitude. Combine these actions with a few core strategies and you will achieve new beginnings. No, it doesn’t mean that the path will not be messy or uncomfortable and you don’t need to achieve perfection, just lean into the process and enjoy the ride.

I first found these strategies when I began healing from addiction. These three strategies have been with me ever since. I find that life continues to show up and brings with it unexpected situations, challenges and yes, even joys. How I respond to them has always led me see that new beginnings begin when I:  

Let go of Expectations. Expectations lead to disappointments. Ouch! Yes, this sting. We jumped into a plan. Everything from a weight loss journey to a new system at the office and expect certain results in a specific time. When it doesn’t happen, we give up. NO!! This is not the answer. Change is progress in the making. It is found when we step forward, accept some push back and then begin again that matters. Lean into the journey. Learn and you will grow.

Release the Control. Seriously what and who can you control? YOU! When you accept this as truth, you win. Set goals, plans, and actions that YOU are responsible for. When collaborating with a team, each person needs their own goals. They will need to own those actions for progress to exist. If you are not sure this is truly possible. Take inventory of the last time you tried to control other people, places or things and how did it end up? Your best friend will not always take your advice. Your child may not always do their homework or get an A on the test. The car will not always crank when you are late for work. The express lane at the grocery store will always have someone with 15 packs of gum. 

Allow life to unfold as it should. Reflect on a time when something happened that you didn’t plan, and it was better than what you hoped for? This is how life works. When we take steps toward where we feel our intuition is leading us, results will unfold that are meant to exist. Doing the next right thing, whatever that is for you, is all we really have. 

The journey of change to new beginnings is not for the weak of heart. Yet, when you travel the road to achieve the goal, you will reap the benefits found in your New Beginning!